Champions in Healthcare

Industry Leading Experts in:


Electronic Health Record Strategies
  • Clinician-centric design by clinician informaticists applying the principals of Thoughtflow® as opposed to the outmoded concepts of mechanical "workflow" and it's apologetic measure "useability". EHR design that uses anticipatory intelligence to meet the needs of all healthcare industry participants (clinician, hospitals, providers groups, analysts, payers) in the digital age.
  • Innovative, client-specific physician adoption strategies
  • Compliance and Regulation


Micro Electronic Machine Systems
  • Leading clinical and technical expertise in MEMS healthcare technology by leaders in both the healthcare informatics and technical MEMS industry
  • Innovative, client-specific physician adoption strategies
  • Strategies for Integrating MEMS with EHR and Patient Health Record Systems

Healthcare Technology Business Strategies

Guidance and strategies for the introduction and adoption of evolving technology in healthcare
  • Bringing your product or services to market by supporting innovation from conception to industry presence
  • Business Services: Start-up strategies, messaging, market analysis, sizing and planning, product analysis, competitive analysis, capitalization, partnerships, mergers and acquisitions